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What We Do

Arts Council of Wales is the country's funding and development agency for the arts.

Our vision is of a creative Wales where the arts are central to the life and wellbeing of the nation.

Our strategy is straightforward – it’s summed up in just three words: Make Reach, Sustain.

Making art, ensuring it connects and giving it a durable legacy are indivisible. And these are the themes that underpin our work.

We deliver Make, Reach, Sustain, by:


1. Creating the environment for the arts to flourish
2. Increasing the value of international cultural exchange to the arts in Wales


3. Finding new opportunities, ways and places for people to enjoy and take part in the arts
4. Developing the creativity of children and young people


5. Encouraging innovation, resilience and sustainability
6. Protecting and growing the economic base for the arts in Wales
7. Demonstrating the value of the arts
8. Making the Arts Council an efficient and effective public body

Funding | Artist: Holly Davey


How we fund the Arts in Wales

Research | Photo: Falstaff, Mid Wales Opera; photographer David Pugh


Our Research into the Arts

Consultations | Photo: Artist Hilary Roberts


Documents undergoing public consultation

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