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Creative learning through the Arts annual report

Arts Council of Wales’ trail blazing Creative learning through the Arts programme releases 2016-17 annual report 25 May 2018

Creative learning through the Arts annual report

In film recorded for the Creative learning through the arts 2016-17 annual report, Cabinet Secretary, Kirsty Williams praises the scheme:
"As we move towards the new curriculum in Wales, developing creativity in our children and young people is absolutely key. What’s really gratifying is to see other countries from around the world beginning to look at our approach to creative learning through the arts here in Wales."
The report details the programmes vital statistics, as well as giving a voice to stakeholders including pupils from across Wales, teachers, artists

and the Arts Council of Wales Chair Phil George who concludes the report with a powerful impact statement film where he states:
"Creative learning through the arts is the most ambitious programme imaginable. It intends to change the whole learning culture of our schools, and is going to achieve that by putting creativity at the centre of learning."

Some key figures for the academic year of 2016-17 include:
• £4.2m invested in Lead Creative Schools
• 12,000 pupils across Wales have benefitted from Lead Creative Schools
• 10,701 pupils were had Go & See experiences funded

The annual report includes interactive maps to allow you to see where programme activity has been happening in your area. There are several case studies and direct quotes from participants:
"During the last two years, we have attempted to embed creative learning across the school in a number of ways. The staff involved directly with the Lead Creative Schools projects have attended training and benefitted in a meaningful way from working with the creative practitioners in the classroom. INSET training for other school staff has led to whole school discussions about planning and delivering the curriculum and the projects have been discussed in detail, with a particular emphasis given to the methodology. Our topic-based planning is evolving and the projects have inspired teaching staff to use techniques that are more creative in order to develop the literacy and numeracy skills of our children. Along the way, the skills of working collaboratively, creatively and independently have been acknowledged by the staff has further enhanced through this way of learning." Lead Creative School Teacher

More information on the Creative learning through the arts programme and the Go and See scheme can be accessed via the Arts Council of Wales website:
Annual report available here:

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